Family life tips for seafarers How to maintain long distance relationships

“. . .  when it comes to relationships of sailors, there is not much light being thrown at it. There are so many of them who suffer from the long distance relationship problems. In fact they sometimes tend to go in depression at sea and thus creates problem for themselves and those who are around them. Well here in this post, we have some tips, which will surely going to help them.”

Long Distance Relationship Tips: For those at Sea

Let’s see them one by one. We have mentioned some of the important tips for you. And there can be others too, depending on your type of relationship.

Know your schedules

One of the main troubles in these types of relationships is that, you don’t respect or know the schedules of each other. He or she might in a different time zone and you are in other. So, first know each other time schedule and then proceed. And when you know each other schedules, then you can also compromise on it little bit.

Trust Each Other

When you are far from each other, trust is the only thing that can make it work out. Because then there is nothing between you if trust is not there. It is the first thing for a healthy relationship. And it is a two way process and you don’t need to show it to make the other person know about it.

Update Each Other

Don’t hide anything until and unless, you need to. Tell each other about everything like what is happening there and stuff like that. Sailors at sea might not have much to add here as things might be monotonous on long sailings but being at land, you can tell about everything like any family function etc. Main idea is that, there should be no surprises among each other when it comes to talk.

Send Gifts

Yeah, it is quite impossible for people living at land to send gifts to those who are at sea. But those at sea, can definitely send gifts to their loved ones. How? Well this is the age of internet and you can definitely order something online and can get it delivered anywhere in the world. Send him or her something which will suppose her.

Make a Video Call

Whenever possible do go for a video call. It is best thing. And now internet being more easily available at sea and at ports, you can always go for video calls. This makes your bonding to grow stronger and a sense of love is all around there.

Give Each Other A Unique Name

Every love becomes too good when you have pet names for each other. It can be anything, which pleases her or him. There is not much to explain in this. It just makes your love stronger, that’s it. Give reach other any name like monkey, panda anything which you like.

Avoid Each Other In Some Situation

Let’s say you went out on a port and had some drinks, and then it is not good to talk to your love. You never know what you are speaking out. May be you are stressed at work and might tell something which will hurt your love.

Be Regular

It is quite necessary for a long distance relationship that you talk to each regularly otherwise it might happen that you will start losing interest in each other. No matter if you are only talking on mails, but you need to be regular.

Make Plan to Meet

Vacations are best time when you can fill the void that created after so many days at sea in a long distance relationship. Embrace each other presence when you are at land. Go to some good location to spice up your love. At the end of the day it should be something which has a spell on both of you. And you both become power for each other and not the liability

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